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Blackball International


Blackball International

Originating in pubs and bars across Great Britain, the Pool discipline known as “English Pool” transitioned to the international stage under the WPA’s purview in the mid-90s. Despite sharing similarities with 8-Ball, one of the WPA’s existing disciplines played on larger tables, “Blackball” gained official recognition in 2005.

Blackball International, the WPA division overseeing this variant, successfully introduced the discipline to numerous African, Australasian, and European countries, with recent expansions reaching into America. Notably, Blackball is played on smaller tables, deviating from the standard 9ft Pool table, and features smaller balls. The distinctive red and yellow groups of 7 balls each, along with a slightly smaller white cue ball, add to the uniqueness of the game.

Distinguishing itself from traditional 8-Ball, Blackball incorporates specific rules, such as the two-shot rule granting the incoming player consecutive turns following an opponent’s foul.

WPA Pool | BI


February 7th-10th, 2024



The World Pool Association is partnering with the Bay City, MIchigan branch of the Boys and Girls Club to allow us to Bring the World Championships to Mid-Michigan. We have many confirmed players from around the World.


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