WPA Pool | Interview with April Larson
WPA Pool | Interview with April Larson

Dec 22, 2023 | BCA

Interview with April Larson

Throughout its history, the BEF has hosted events by world-renowned players in events around the globe. While emphasizing performance at the table and in the classroom, the BEF recognizes the importance of providing youth players with the opportunity to compete in world class events with world class equipment and competition. The BEF’s goal is to provide a healthy environment for competition and camaraderie so players can grow at the table and in the classroom.

April Larson, longtime BEF participant and current professional, with such accomplishments as; 2021 Ladies Rated Fargo Champion, 2019 Collegiate 9-Ball Women’s Champion, 2017 WPBA Masters Soaring Eagles Tournament Top 4, 2016 NAPT Division 1 Summer 10-ball Classic Champion, 2016 Junior Valley National 8-Ball Champion, 7 time Junior World Championships Team USA Member, 5 time BEF Junior National 18 and under girls division champion, 5 time Atlantic Challenge Cup Team USA member and 2015 Atlantic Challenge Cup MVP, took some time to sit down and chat prior to this year’s event in Quincy and shared some thoughts on the BEF, billiards and life.


When did you begin shooting pool?

I was 9 years old, and I began shooting pool with my dad and his side of the family. I hardly ever saw his side of the family and I went with him one night to pool league and realized if I continued to go with him every week, I would see them all the time! I absolutely loved the thought of that. I was 7 when I first started going with him but the bar that they shot at that had a line dancing club with a bunch of adorable women. They took me in for about 2 years, and then, my family’s team switched bars. Once I no longer had line dancing to keep me occupied, I started to itch for something to do. The pool room they had moved to, Shooters in Burnsville, MN, had 64 pool tables, so what did I do? I picked up a pool cue and the rest is history.

What players did you look up to in your youth?

Women: Allison Fisher, Kelly Fisher, Jeanette Lee, Loree Jon Jones, and Karen Corr
Men: Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Mark Wilson and Fred Goodman

What BEF Events did you participate in?

I competed in every single BEF National Championship from 2011 to 2018. I also went to Junior World Championships after Nationals 7 out of the 8 times I participated in BEF Junior Nationals.

How did the BEF aid in improving your game and prepare you for professional competition?

The BEF improved my game because I was playing the best juniors in the country, then in the world. By competing against the best at your age, it helps prepare you to compete against the best all-around when you age out. It also introduces you to immense pressure, high stakes, intense nerve, and the expectations that you put on yourself and how to, as Mark Wilson says, “Adapt to adversity!”

What does the BEF mean to you?

The BEF means everything to me. Without it, there would have been no exposure for me, not many chances to meet professionals and create relationships with them and to learn so much at such a young age. It has directly shaped my career as a pool player today.

Can you share some words of wisdom for today’s younger players hoping to compete competitively?

Please, please, please practice confidence. It doesn’t matter if everyone on earth believes in you, you must believe in yourself to make anything happen not only in pool, but in life. I struggled with that theory my ENTIRE junior career and I believe that is what held me back. Now. I know I can’t control how my opponent is going to play so I am simply confident in what I am capable of. When I get to the table, all I focus on during a match is what I can and am going to do. This is one of the most mental games in the world, so that is what I am constantly trying to improve, more than anything else, my mental game.

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WPA Pool | Interview with April Larson